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  • Sharing improvement opportunities with AVEX company leadership, Nagoya Japan
  • Some of the Drive team at the Kata Summit.
  • Chapman leading problem solving workshop
  • Manny Baerga with Mike Rother.
  • Chapman leads a kanban sizing discussion
  • Coaching Kata Event
  • Drive members with Mr. Kato the Chairman of AVEX Corporation, Aichi Japan
  • Defining format of a project A3
  • Meeting with some of the Masters of Maintenance

Keller Technology Corporation – Custom Assembly Equipment and Automation
Advoco – Enterprise Asset Management
Lean Cor – External Logistics Optimization
Brady Corp – Industrial Labeling
Brady ID – Label printers and Other Visual Factory Solutions
Closser Lubrication Services – Equipment/Automated Lubrication Programs
Creospan – Information and Technology Consulting, Wireless Network Engineering and Deployment
TRILOGIQ– Pipe and Connector Material Handling Solutions
The Kidder Group – Professional Recruiting
Modular Management – Modularity and Strategic Product Architecture
PackIQ – Returnable Packaging Design and Management
Penrod Services – CAD Drafting and Design Services
QLS, Quality Leadership Systems – Industry Certifications (QS, TS, ISO) and Audits
Storeroom Solutions Inc. – Indirect Materials Management
The Transition Team – Career Transition Services