Transforming Manufacturers

into Lean Enterprises

Services Overview

  • Getting close to the process can be dirty work
  • Getting finger tip close to the process
  • Harold coaching on equipment maintenance practices
  • Implementing projects and leading teams
  • Speaking at global conference on strategic alignment
  • Leading managers and teams to the problem areas for 5 Whys Exercise
  • Teaching engineering entrepreneurship to UT grad students
  • Enterprise wide Value Stream Analysis with execs
  • Aligning to TPM principles before going to the gemba

Engaging Drive, Inc. is an important step in the journey to attaining operational excellence and sustained long-term profitability. Depending on your unique circumstances, we offer multiple opportunities for your company to begin the transformation process to manufacturing excellence. From small scope improvement projects to complete enterprise-wide Lean implementation; our team will be at your side every step of the way.

It is the practical application of Lean that sets Drive, Inc. apart from the competition. We custom tailor an approach that will work specifically for your business.

Essentially, we will help you identify the opportunity, determine the best approach to realize the opportunity, and work with you to “go get it.”