Transforming Manufacturers

into Lean Enterprises

Identify the Opportunity

  • Getting close to the process can be dirty work
  • Getting finger tip close to the process
  • Harold coaching on equipment maintenance practices
  • Implementing projects and leading teams
  • Speaking at global conference on strategic alignment
  • Leading managers and teams to the problem areas for 5 Whys Exercise
  • Teaching engineering entrepreneurship to UT grad students
  • Enterprise wide Value Stream Analysis with execs
  • Aligning to TPM principles before going to the gemba

Your opportunity can be identified in many different ways:

Initial Analysis

  • Quick analysis - We use our experience to find opportunity where it typically resides in a manufacturing enterprise:
    • Margin Contribution
    • Cost Savings
    • Cost Avoidance
    • Cash Flow
  • Value Stream Analysis (VSA) - Assess the 3 flows of the organization:
    • Business processes (order to cash)
    • Design processes (concept to launch)
    • Manufacturing processes (raw materials to finished goods)
  • Hoshin Kanri – Establish a comprehensive strategic improvement plan
    • Leadership alignment
    • Team building
    • Define true north (ideal state)
    • Gap analysis
    • Execution planning
    • Create a cadence of accountability through check, reflect, and adjust
  • Self-determined – you have already identified the opportunity; we help you achieve it